With the HEDDA.IO Excel Add-in you can create knowledge domains for your company in no time at all.

The HEDDA.IO Excel Add-in provides a toolkit that business users, information workers and IT professionals can use to perform computer-assisted data quality analyses and manage their data quality interactively.

After you installed the Excel Add-in and the SSIS Component you can begin with the configuration of HEDDA.IO. To do so, start Excel and navigate to the newly installed HEDDA.IO ribbon. By clicking on “Connect” a new window will open in which the API Server and the API Key from the initialization are required.

The HEDDA.IO Excel Add-in is frequently improved and updated. If an update for the Excel Add-in is released the button “Update” in the HEDDA.IO ribbon will be executable.

After the download and installation of an update is completed, it is recommended to restart Excel in order to reload the Add-in.