Deploy from Azure Portal



Azure Portal:



If you want to try out HEDDA.IO, you can simply deploy all necessary Azure resources via the Azure Portal direct to your subscription.

To deploy HEDDA.IO to your subscription, first create a new Resource Group in a location of your choice, all other resources will be automatically created in the same location. Make sure that the corresponding resources can be created in the selected location for your subscription and please refrain from using special characters for the name of the Resource Group.

Add a new resource in the Resource Group and search in the Marketplace for “HEDDA.IO” or “Data Quality”.

Then simply select the right application and click on “Create”.

The creation process will start. Select the Resource Group to deploy HEDDA.IO to.

If you have not created a new Resource Group before, you can also do this in this dialog. Simply click on the “Create New” link. Make sure that you can only create HEDDA.IO in an empty resource group.

The next step is to choose the performance/pricing tier of your App Service Plan. S1 is the default parameter and should be enough for most circumstances. The API Key is important to connect the Excel Add-in and SSIS Component with HEDDA.IO later on.

The API key is a unique GUID and is generated new with each deployment. You are welcome to change the API key, but it must meet the requirements of a GUID.

Then enter the Database username and Password. Please note that the Password must be a complex password with at least 12 characters consisting of upper and lower case letters as well as numbers and special characters.

A list of Database usernames you shouldn’t use:

admin, administrator, sa, root, dbmanager, loginmanager, dbo, guest, information_schema, sys, db_accessadmin, db_backupoperator, db_datareader, db_datawriter, db_ddladmin, dbdenydatareader, db_denydatawriter, db_owner, db_securityadmin, public

In the next step you have to enter the HEDDA.IO License Id and the HEDDA.IO Password. You can also make these two entries later using the configuration properties of the App Service. Without a valid license you will use the 14 days trail version.

Next you can choose what Reference Data Services to use. You can choose to not use Reference Data Services as well.

Review the summary…

and accept the terms of use.

The deployment will start and after a short while the resources will be created in the appropriate Resource Group. The resources will consider out of the name of the Resource Group, a random string and the corresponding RDS (if it is one). This is to prevent conflicts with other Azure subscriptions using HEDDA.IO.

You can also assign your own DNS names for the various services later via the portal.

Initialize HEDDA.IO

After all resources for HEDDA.IO have been created, you have to initialize the application once. Open the newly created App Service via the URL https://<YOURAPPNAME> and click on the “Initialize HEDDA.IO” button.

The initialization of the App Service may take a few minutes. After the App Service has been successfully initialized, you will be automatically redirected to the HEDDA.IO status page. On this page you will find information about the deployment of the database and the validation of the specified HEDDA.IO license. If you refresh the page afterwards (e.g. by pressing the F5 key), you will automatically be redirected to the HEDDA.IO service page. This page will always be displayed if you open the service URL directly. Here you can download the Excel Add-in and the SSIS component. In following versions of HEDDA.IO you will find more clients and SDK here.

To connect to your installation of HEDDA.IO you need an API Key. When you deploy your installation, an API Key will be generated but you can find it in the Azure Portal as well. Open the HEDDA.IO App Service in the Azure Portal and switch to the Configuration. In the Application Settings area you will find an entry heddaioApiKey.


To obtain the appropriate license information or if anything fails during the deployment, initialization or configuration, please contact us at