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SQL Bits 2024: Exciting Encounters & HEDDA.IO Buzz!

As the calendar marked the arrival of another SQL Bits conference, our team geared up with heightened anticipation for the annual event. It’s a gathering we eagerly await each year, requiring meticulous preparation—a task we embrace with enthusiasm. SQL Bits isn’t just about the community; it’s also about interesting themes and connecting with others in the industry.

The Event

This year’s aviation-themed ambiance set the stage for an exhilarating experience, offering a dynamic backdrop for exploring the innovative showcases prepared by both colleagues and competitors alike. The theme also inspired our own preparations, from crafting captivating videos to designing the endearing HEDDA.IO plane mascot. While some ideas remained unrealized this time, they serve as fuel for our commitment to surpassing our previous levels of readiness in the future—a mission we eagerly embrace.


Our flagship product, HEDDA.IO, received a lot of attention this year. Many attendees were eager to see its capabilities firsthand through live demonstrations. Our colleagues, Tillmann Eitelberg and Oliver Engels, had a great time showcasing HEDDA.IO during their seminars and want to thank everyone who attended. They enjoyed the meaningful interactions and received valuable feedback. To further cater to this interest, we’re excited to announce an upcoming Open HEDDA.IO Webcast, where we’ll delve deeper into its functionalities and future developments. Keep an eye out for more details in our forthcoming Newsletter.

We want to thank everyone who visited our booth, whether for a quick chat or a deeper conversation. Connecting with members of the community is always a privilege, and we look forward to future encounters.

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In summary, the conference this year was truly remarkable, we’re already looking forward to next year. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the organizers of SQL Bits for their efforts in making this year’s event such a success. Furthermore, we express our gratitude to our exceptional team at for their invaluable contributions in developing our product and ensuring our readiness for SQL Bits.

Thanks for flying with us, and may your data always be consistent and clean, and your queries lightning-fast!

Until next year—farewell and see you then!